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Pinterest is a very powerful tool that can be used to drive traffic and sales to your website. Let’s explore some simple strategies you can implement today to drive massive traffic from your Pinterest account without ever spending a dime. Pinterest offers paid advertising, but it’s not necessary to advertise on Pinterest to accomplish great results.

Just think, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to promote our businesses on every social media platform in existence? I imagine it would be perfect if we could be everywhere all the time. However, we can maximize our results if we stop attempting to be everywhere. Focusing on one social media channel at a time and learning to master that one, will work wonders for your social media presence and traffic growth.

Harnessing the power of focus increases momentum and will result in a much greater outcome on social sharing sites. I encourage you to decide on a single traffic source as an initial focus, and utilize that specific social media channel until you begin to experience the desired results.


What should you do in order to explode my Pinterest traffic? I’m asked this question quite often. One single word sums it up: Consistency.

Simply plan to succeed on Pinterest by pinning and creating multiple boards daily. Pinterest recognizes accounts that are active on the platform. Being present and interacting on Pinterest will help you to gain traction and drive increased traffic to your website. Commit to a consistent pinning strategy and watch your effort transform into sales.

What to pin?

Catch your viewers attention by providing creative, eye-catching images or even taller images. Studies show that it is highly beneficial for your website to use these images because of the likelihood to get more re-pins. Images with multiple dominant colors are re-pinned three times more than those with single colors.

As you create your captions, keep in mind that they should be compelling and descriptive. Be careful to find the right timing when pinning as certain categories have better performance on specific days of the week. Test and review analytics to find a strategy that wins the best social response for your business.

For example, let’s say someone is planning to remodel their kitchen, so they visit Pinterest and search for ideas. They discover a lovely table and envision it fitting perfectly into their kitchen. The visitor follows through, clicks on the eye-stimulating image and proceeds to make the purchase. Just like magic, the purchase happens in an instant. No need whatsoever to warm-up or oversell to the buyer. They came, they saw, and were ready to buy. Pinterest is one of the top social sites known to be a hub for warm, ready-to-buy users.

Running ads can be effective, you don’t necessarily need Pinterest ads to have remarkable success with the platform. Pin your interests and products, create boards, have fun, remain consistent, and you’ll be well on your way to increased traffic and sales results. Utilize the power of pinning to group boards as well. Study your competitors and plan to pin strategically to capture the attention of your viewers.

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