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On the road to success, it is not uncommon to hit a few speed bumps along the way. It is important to recognize that with success comes failure, just think about some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs. Look at Steven Spielberg who was rejected from film school three times or Henry Ford whose first two car companies failed.  Failure is a part of life but it is about finding inspiration in your setbacks. What makes someone successful in their journey is that they get back up and try again.

We asked 5 greatly accomplished business professionals to share their best advice for moving on after a set back in business and here is what they said:


I like to think that business mindset is made up of an individual’s “collection” of attitudes. And in addition to attitudes of confidence, gratitude and optimism, I think it’s also absolutely essential to add an attitude of persistence. Persistence is essential… it is probably the most important key to business success. It can be considered an attitude, but I think of it more as a habit—and one that every business owner needs to cultivate.

Things always take longer than expected. You can set all the goals you want, but things will go wrong and obstacles will pop up to get in your way. Having the doggedness to keep moving toward the goal despite the barriers is absolutely critical for any business to survive and thrive. Is it hard? Yes. But I don’t know a single successful business owner who gives up when the going gets tough.

Success Doesn’t Always Mean Winning… although it might not seem like it, the most successful businesswomen and men don’t always win at everything. There are always setbacks, failures, and mistakes (sometimes lots of them). However, some things all successful entrepreneurs have in common are winning attitudes, a willingness to learn from mistakes, discipline and persistence. Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, but with the right Attitude, Perspective… Mindset, you can win either way. #NoLetUp!

Ted is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist,
Acting CMO of Brand Innovators and Co-Founder of Prevailing Path

Christy Whitman

The first thing to understand is that there really is no such thing as a setback, because every experience – whether wanted or unwanted; pleasurable or painful – helps us to define who we are, what we desire, and what is truly important to us.  In fact, we never have greater clarity about what we want than when we are in the middle of something we really don’t want.  So-called setbacks are actually catalysts that promote our evolution by prompting us to decide how we want to respond to what Life has just thrown our way.  To reap the advantage from any contrasting experience, simply ask yourself, “Who do I want to be in this situation?” What you’ll discover is that the challenge that’s just been set before you has been handpicked to support your evolution. You are being called to rise to the occasion; to be the bigger person, and to show yourself that you have the power to align yourself with the solution that this so-called setback has brought to light, rather than staying mired in the problem.

Christy is a Transformational Leader, Celebrity Coach, New York Times Bestselling Author and Founder of Quantum Success Learning Academy  & Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Lisa McDonald

Fortunately, I have recognized the profound impact and imperativeness to honing my mindset. I anticipate life throwing me challenges, obstacles and adversities both personally and professionally

When things go south, and they do, and they have, and they will…I do not give myself permission to berate myself, or to remain in a counter-intuitive, non-productive space. Learn the lesson, adapt, and move forward.

Be your own Hero. Be your own Shero. Be your own Leader. Be your own Best Friend.

Uplifting you to fear less and to live more!

Lisa empowers business owners and individuals to achieve their goals through speaking, coaching and her top-rated podcast and TV Show, “Living Fearlessly”

Tai Aracen

I have always viewed setbacks as a huge pause button and a perfect time for close evaluation. Asking the questions of what am I doing wrong, what can I do better, and if I am doing everything correctly, are my expectations just not properly aligned. Since it is so hard to answer these questions internally, I always call in my personal advisory board for their perspective. Because it was all just a learning experience, once the lesson is extracted there is nothing holding me back from dusting myself off , and getting back out there.

Tai is an expert Corporate Sponsorship Consultant, Social Impact Movement Architect and Venture Capitalist who helps entrepreneurs explode their business.   

Beth Buelow

Whether or not a set-back is a road block or a speed bump depends completely on your perspective. If we’re attached to particular outcomes, then it’s easy to see missed goals as failures. My mantra is to be open to outcome, not attached. That allows me to view set-backs as an opportunity to recalibrate and move forward with more clarity because I have new, valuable information. I invite clients to see it as a metaphorical plateau on the climb, a resting place to both reflect and project while we gather our energy for the next steps.

Beth, PPC, is a professional coach, interviewer, writer, facilitator, podcaster and speaker, and thought leader for introverts. She is also the founder of of The Introvert Entrepreneur.

Setbacks are inevitable for all of us. What sets the truly successful apart is that they reflect on their difficulties and learn from them so they come back stronger than ever before.

Whenever I experience setbacks, professionally or personally, I remind myself of this quote: “When a child is learning how to walk and falls down 50 times, they never think to themselves, ‘Maybe this isn’t for me.’

Put the advice above into action next time you experience adversity to help you continue on towards your goals!

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