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Building your first social media marketing plan can be super overwhelming. Social media is ever-changing and constantly growing, so knowing where to start can seem difficult.

Here are 3 important components of a social media marketing plan that will help you create a foundation for your final strategy.

  1. Define your target consumer. Put yourself in their shoes to determine their challenges, and then use social media to speak to their desired results.
  2. Plan content for your chosen social media platforms. Optimize your accounts and profiles to attract your target consumers.
  3. Create your content plan. Plan out your content and keep your brand consistent in your posts.

Everyone’s plan is different, depending on their goals. Create your social media marketing plan one step at a time.

Check out the video below for more details about how to implement these components into your social media marketing plan.

Do you have any advice for somebody that’s starting their social media marketing journey? Share below.

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