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Pinterest is a mobile and web-based photo-sharing application that inspires and encourages its users to take action. Whether you’re looking to buy a certain product, try a DIY project, or learn a new skill, next to Google, Pinterest has all the resources you could ever want!

With 175 million monthly users and over 87% of Pinners who have purchased a product or service as a result of finding it on Pinterest, you may be sleeping on the power of The Pin!

Here are 10 super simple, yet highly effective hacks that real estate agents can use to engage potential new clients.

The Basics

  1. Follow boards that have similar interests as you. This is a way for you to get some good ideas for general content to post on your own boards.
  2. Follow boards that are of interest to your target audience. In your case, follow boards that would be of interest to buyers and sellers.
  3. Search boards for real estate, home decor, DIY, recipes. These boards will also give you really useful content to use to attract your target clients.
  4. Post engaging images that get people liking and following. Buyers and sellers love images that they can relate to, like pictures of dream homes, recipes or DIY projects.
  5. Use keywords in your board titles and descriptions to gain more visibility, i.e., real estate, DIY, relocation, home staging, dream home.

You can create really good content and pretty appealing Pinterest boards with the first five hacks! But let’s step it up a notch and explore five action hacks for you to take that will help you customize an account that will attract eager buyers and sellers!

Create these 5 boards

  1. Buyer board – This board will include First Time Buyer tips, interest rate information, how to select an agent, how to get pre-approved, and what they’ll need to get prepared for the home buying experience and most importantly, images of dream homes.
  2. Seller board – This board should include DIY projects, home staging tips, why it is a must to hire a real estate agent to sell your property, and before and after photos of homes that needed updating vs. properties that were updated prior to going on the market.
  3. Target board – This could be the area that you Farm or wish to Farm. So this board will include neighborhood activities, best local shops and restaurants, fun parks and movie theaters, and information about your local government office.
  4. Personal board – This board suggests “personal” posts, but don’t get too personal. This board gives buyers and sellers a bit of insight into who you are. Include posts like your favorite restaurant, books you’re reading, activities for the family, and places you’ve traveled to or plan to go.
  5. Business board – Here is your opportunity to show off your hard work! Post current and upcoming listings, a list of the services you offer, your contact information, networking events you may be attending, speaking engagements, products or services you may be selling.

The goal is to avoid looking salesy or desperate! This is why I recommend using the 80/20 rule when posting on all social media — and Pinterest is no different. If you notice, the first four boards represent 80% of your content, and are designed to build that ever so necessary know, like, and trust factor. The remaining 20% of your posts are for business.

With a consistent effort and commitment to this strategy, you will create a Pinterest account that will increase potential leads.

Happy Pinning!

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